Wally Wants to Wrestle

A Word From The Author



I am Noel Fuentes author and illustrator of "Wally Wants to Wrestle."  

I want to thank you for your interest in Wally and his story.


"Wally Wants to Wrestle" is a children's book that teaches kids many valuable lessons.   Wrestlers and non-wrestlers can both benefit from this book because the lessons Wally teaches are universal.  Wally earns his first success because he learned, practiced, and worked hard.

"Wally Wants to Wrestle" is a fun read for the whole family.  Elementary aged children will love the book because of the books colors and playful characters.

As a wrestler, I learned many great lessons and built upon my weaknesses and strengths.  This book is my contribution back to the wrestling community that blessed me with so much love, knowledge and wisdom.